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On Stupidity

From 'On Stupidity' conference held in February 2019

Looking at our present situation across the world, one word often comes to mind: ‘stupidity’. But what exactly is stupidity? How does it differ from foolishness or naivety? Can you be stupid and smart? Is stupidity static? How has it been understood throughout history, and does it say something about our current predicaments?'

‘On stupidity' was an interdisciplinary event, presented jointly by the Institute of Psychoanalysis and King's College London's Centre for Philosophy and the Visual Arts on 8 March 2019. 

The evening, chaired by Alla Rubitel (Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst with the BPAS), consisted of a panel discussion between Sacha Golob (Philosopher and Senior Lecturer at King’s College), Paul Clinton (Curator, Editor and Lecturer at Goldsmiths College) and William Badenhorst (Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst with the BPAS), followed by audience discussion.

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