The Introductory Lectures

Our Introductory Lectures and Seminars offer an overall view of the central concepts in psychoanalysis, and the key ways in which they are applied in analytic practice.

There are over thirty weekly evening lectures per year, spread across three terms, and you can choose to attend one or all terms. Each lecture is followed by a seminar discussion, and the course is open to anyone interested in learning about psychoanalysis.

You don’t need any experience in the field to come to the Introductory Lectures, though those attending regularly include people from mental health professions.

Lectures are given by a different psychoanalyst every week, and topics include dreams, sexuality, narcissism and child analysis, among many others. Participants are provided with the basic texts relating to that week’s topic.

For those interested in learning more, there is a list of suggested further reading on each subject. These recommended texts can be found in the Institute’s library.

Following each lecture is a small seminar-style discussion, where people can ask questions, discuss ideas and explore that week’s topic in greater detail.

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