Contact Details

For information about psychoanalytic training 
contact Ms Amanda Menezes, Education Officer
020 7563 5015

For information about clinic treatment or consultations for adults, adolescents or children 
contact Ms Trudy Turmer, Clinic Administrator
020 7563 5002

For events and marketing enquiries
contact Ms Karina Zorlakkis, Head of Events and Marketing
020 7563 5016
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For online education, bespoke visits and courses
contact May Lopez

020 7563 5027

Or Gareth Bentley
020 7563 7573

For information about the library 
contact Mr Saven Morris, Librarian
020 7563 5008

For information about the archives 
contact Mr Ewan O'Neill, Archivist
020 7563 5010

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General enquiries
Telephone: 020 7563 5000
Fax: 020 7563 5001

The Institute of Psychoanalysis
Byron House
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