The Post-Foundation Course

​Requires some clinical experience.

Our Post Foundation Course is suitable for those who have already attended the Foundation Course and who wish to continue with more clinical seminars. However, it is also open to psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and other professionals who have not previously attended the Foundation Course but who may have attended similar courses at other institutions.

The Post Foundation course consists of clinical seminars, with accompanying reading of key texts. The seminars are led by senior analysts at the Institute, and take place every Tuesday evening, 8.15pm-10.15pm. Each term of seminars is led by a different analyst, and covers a range of topics. These seminars give participants an excellent opportunity to have their work with patients, or experiences in their work setting, thought about and explored in detail.

Topics covered in the past have included: assessment, acting out, narcissism, depression, projective identification, defences, the theories of Wilfred Bion, endings, and many more. The Chair of the Post Foundation Course is Isabel Hernandez-Halton. Applicants to the Post Foundation Course will be invited to attend an interview with her to assess their suitability to attend.

To ask any questions, or to apply, please email Katerina Tsami-Cole: