Training Routes

There are many different routes that people take before applying to our training, and applicants have a range of knowledge and experience when they do so.

There is no requirement that you complete any preparatory courses before applying to the training.

However, you might be interested in our Introductory Lectures and Seminars, if you are curious about psychoanalysis and want to know more before deciding to apply.

The Lectures are held in London, Belfast, Leeds, Newcastle and Cumbria. They form a compelling introduction to psychoanalytic ideas, but also have a lot to offer to those with more experience. Our lecturing analysts present papers on many and diverse topics, including dreams, sexuality, narcissism and child analysis, to name just a few.

Equally, our Foundation Course might be of interest to you if you would like to build upon your existing knowledge of psychoanalysis. The Foundation Course is entirely separate from the Introductory Lectures and Seminars, though a number of people choose to complete the Foundation Course after attending and enjoying the Introductory series. We also have a Post-Foundation course suitable for those who have completed the Foundation course.

If you are already a BPC registered adult psychoanalytic psychotherapist, and you want to qualify as a psychoanalyst, you may be eligible for the New Entry scheme, a route into training that leads to entry into the British Psychoanalytical Society.  


Each of our trainees prepares for the Training in their own way, as you'll see in this collection of interviews we recorded.