Guide to Borrowing

Members and candidates for membership of the British Psychoanalytical Society are entitled to have a maximum of 6 volumes on loan at any time.

If you are an external visitor to the Library, you may use it for reading, photocopying and reference purposes, but you may not borrow books. External visitors include: 

  • Those with a Day or a Week Pass
  • UCL students
  • Those attending the Introductory Lectures or the Foundation Course, or other events at the Institute. 

Items will only be loaned provided borrowers have no books overdue or fines outstanding.

Ordinary lending: you may keep Unlabelled books for a month. You may renew them by telephone, email or in person – it isn't necessary to bring books to the Library in order to renew them.You may renew the loan up to 3 times before the book must be brought in to the Library.

Reference-Only: Books labelled with a red sticker are not to be removed from the Library.

Journals: All current and back copies and bound volumes are for reference only and are not to be removed from the Library.