'Making Room for Madness in Mental Health: The Psychoanalytic Understanding of Psychotic Communication' Marcus Evans. A book review by Derek Summerfield

This is a book that makes a compelling case for the role of psychoanalytic ideas in raising the IQ of psychiatric practice.

Murdered Father: Dead Father: Revisiting the Oedipus Complex. Rosine Perelberg. An article by Rosemary Davies.

MURDERED FATHER: DEAD FATHER: Revisiting the Oedipus Complex. Rosine Perelberg.  Book launch December 11th 2015

Rosemary Davies

Ronald Britton's "Between Mind and Brain" - Review by Dr Neil Vickers

Between Mind and Brain: Models of the Mind and Models in the Mind

by Ronald Britton. Published by Karnac, 2015.

Leff and Perelberg's 'Female experience' – Review by Froshaug

Female Experience: Three generations of British Women Psychoanalysts on work with women
Joan Raphael-Leff & Rosine Perelberg (Eds.)

John Steiner's 'Psychic Retreats' – Review by Chris Mawson

"Psychic Retreats: Pathological Organisations in Psychotic, Neurotic and Borderline Patients", By John Steiner. No19 in The New Library of Psychoanalysis. Ed Elizabeth Bott Spillius.

David Bell's 'Reason and Passion' – Review by Penelope Garvey

Book Description 

REASON AND PASSION  A Celebration of the Work of Hanna Segal
David Bell

Margot Waddell's 'Psychoanalysis and the Growth of the Personality' – Review by Angela Joyce

Inside Lives - Psychoanalysis and the Growth of the Personality
Margot Waddell
£14.99 (€UR 23.98)  ISBN: 1855759373

Stanley Ruszczynski's 'Psychoanlaytic Psychotherapy in the Independent Tradition' – Review by Margaret Tonnesman

Edited by Sue Johnson and Stanley Ruszczynski, Karnac Books, London, 1999, pp 188, £19.95

Ruth Riesenberg Malcolm's 'On Bearing Unbearable States of Mind' – Review by Erika Bard

On Bearing Unbearable States of Mind
Ruth Riesenberg-Malcolm

Published by Taylor & Francis
Pb © 1999

ISBN/ISSN: 0-415-20519-0, Price: US $29.99, UK £17.99 Pp.202.