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Bion in Marrakech … 3rd Meeting – taking place in Marseille, February 16-19, 2017

In New York (1977) Bion suggested the writing of a book to be called “The Interpretation of Facts” in which ‘facts’ would be translated into dream language, in order to get ‘a two-way traffic’ going with the “Interpretation of Dreams” (in which dreams are translated into facts).

The intention of the Bion in Marrakech seminar is such a ‘two-way traffic’: between different international groups of French and English speaking analysts, and of course the individual analysts within them; between our scientific commitments and imaginative contributions; and literally between Marrakech where the first seminar took place (2013) and Marseilles where it takes place now (the title ‘Bion in Marrakech’ has been kept to convey the atmosphere of debate – on independent ground – first aimed for). Marrakesh is a fictional place and a matrix of a dream made of desires and fears akin to Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities.

The seminar is a self funding International meeting  limited to 60-70 people.

Scientific Committee
Chair : Monica Horovitz  (SPP- SPI)
Nicola Abel-Hirsch (BPS)
Dana Amir (IPS)
Leopoldo Bleger (APF)
Myriam Boubli (SPP)
Judy K. Eekhoff (NPS)
Martine Estrade (SPP)
Guelfo Margherita (SPI)
Fulvio Mazzacane (SPI)
Nancy Wolf (CFS)
Amira Yeret (IPS)


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