Psychoanalytic Help

Psychoanalysis is a highly effective psychological treatment that improves the lives of many people.

There are times in all our lives when our emotions feel overwhelming, and we can even become unwell with a mental health problem. Having psychoanalytic therapy can help us to better understand ourselves and to work through our difficulties.

Psychoanalytic treatment consists of meeting with an analyst on a regular basis for sessions that last fifty minutes. This stable, confidential structure gives you and your analyst the chance to connect with and understand what is happening at a deeper level. By being so generous with time, attention and thought, psychoanalytic treatment can bring about authentic and lasting change, even when working with substantial emotional difficulties. You can read about the evidence for the effectiveness of psychoanalytic treatment here.

At the heart of psychoanalysis is the recognition that our complex and often unconscious emotional life is a fundamental part of being human. Sometimes we don’t understand the beliefs and fears that shape our way of looking at and living in the world, as they have become ingrained and automatic. We can find ourselves repeating destructive behaviours, feeling stuck in unhappy relationships and stunting our emotional, creative and professional development.

Psychoanalysis can significantly diminish psychological suffering and improve our health and wellbeing, opening up our capacity for greater fulfilment in life. 

You can contact a  psychoanalyst directly and personally to arrange a consultation, where the psychoanalyst you see, may be able to take you into treatment themselves or may refer you to a colleague.

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