Applying to Train

In order to apply to train with us, you will first need to send a letter and short CV to the Chair of the Admissions Committee at the Institute of Psychoanalysis.

If you are eligible to apply, you will be asked for a preliminary interview, which will assess your readiness to apply for the training.  At the conclusion of the preliminary interview you will be told whether you have permission to make a full application. If you are not yet ready to apply this will be clearly explained and discussed with you in the preliminary interview.  

If you are ready, then the next stage is to complete an application form. This is a long form, which requires both personal and professional information and will take some time and considerable thought to complete. You will then have two admissions interviews, with two different analysts. These are unlike most other job or course interviews; they are lengthy (usually about an hour and a half or two hours each) and involve an in-depth personal exploration, which can be challenging. The decision on your application is made by the whole Admissions Committee, following discussion of the interviews and consideration of your references. You will be notified of the decision in writing. If you are not successful in your first application you will be offered feedback, and you can re-apply to the training up to twice more.

Our application process is rigorous because we want to make sure that you are serious about training, and that you have the personal aptitude and capacity to qualify as a psychoanalyst. The careful choice of candidates who bring these qualities to the training fuels a conducive atmosphere of enthusiasm, professionalism and support.  

If you are thinking about applying to our training, and would like to find out more about the course, training routes or application process from someone with first-hand experience, we would be happy to arrange an informal telephone conversation between you and a training analyst. To arrange this, please contact the Education Officer on 020 7563 5015, or by email at

You may submit a letter and CV to the institute at any time. Both preliminary interviews and formal admissions interviews are carried out throughout the year. However please note that in order to be considered for starting the training in the following September, you will need to have had a preliminary interview and completed an application form before 1st November of the previous year. In order to submit your application before 1st November, you should approach the Institute in good enough time to arrange a preliminary interview before this date, and to have time to prepare the application form for the second stage of your application.