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CEO's Blog

It is uplifting to end a very busy 2015 with the launch of our new website. The website is clear, modern and packed with interesting content. It represents an Institute which is proud of its history, and the enormous contribution it has made to the understanding of the human mind, but is not obsessed with the past. It portrays us, quite accurately, as a forward thinking Institute.

The launch of the website symbolises a year where there has been a good deal of focused work in thinking carefully about how the outside world perceives us.

We have a fearsome reputation for high standards, but we know this can too easily be misconstrued as our being exclusionary, which can be off-putting. Therefore, we have been looking closely at our systems for admitting people onto our training, and how we can encourage and support those who would wish to train with us but who may need extra help and time. And, of course, there are also those with an interest in psychoanalysis, but who have no ambitions to work clinically. How we can ensure their talent plays into the life of the Institute and is formally recognised?

We have done a lot of work this year ensuring our home, Byron House, reflects our reputation for excellence. We have completed the first year of a three year project of refurbishment. We have created some excellent new consulting rooms, bright new seminar rooms, and staff offices that are fit for purpose to support a highly professional team.

There is still a lot to be done, but looking back on 2015 we have made great strides forward in achieving our ambitious strategy for growth.