Rosine Perelberg's 'Freud: A Modern Reader' – review by Gregorio Kohon

Published by Whurr Publishers 2005
Catalogue No. : 21399
ISBN: 1861564023 

This much-awaited textbook makes accessible the ideas of one of the most important thinkers of our time, as well as indicating how Freud's theories are put into clinical practice today. The collection of papers has been written by some of the most eminent psychoanalysts, both from Britain and abroad, who have made an original contribution to psychoanalysis. Each chapter introduces one of Freud's key texts, and links it to contemporary thinking in the field of psychoanalysis. The book combines a deep understanding of Freud's work with some of the most modern debates surrounding it. This book will be of great value across a wide spectrum of courses in psychoanalysis, as well as to the scholar interested in psychoanalytic ideas. 

Contributors; Ron Britton, Susan Budd, Don Campbell, Catherine Chabert, Monique Cournut, Gilbert Diatkine, Andre Green, Jean Claude Rolland, Luiz Eduardo Prado de Oliveira, Ignes Sodre, John Steiner, Jane Temperley, Margret Tonnesmann, Paul Williams, and Rosine Jozef Perelberg.

"For decades students of Freud have struggled to grasp the evolution of his ideas and their place in contemporary psychoanalytic theory and practice. Rosine Perelberg's new volume responds to that struggle with a masterful reader's guide that places Freud's thinking in its historical context and that breathes life into some of his most arcane metapsychological concepts. Moreover, the book also sheds light on cross-cultural currents in psychoanalysis as it is practiced today by drawing equally from French and British authors. This impressive piece of work will be ideal for teachers of Freud in the academy and in psychoanalytic institutes, but it will be of equal value to experienced analysts who wish to plumb the depths of Freud and his contribution.” 

Glen O. Gabbard, Brown Foundation Chair of Psychoanalysis and Professor of Psychiatry, Baylor College of Medicine; Joint Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Psychoanalysis

“Rosine Perelberg has invited an impressive list of British and French psychoanalysts to contribute to this contemporary Freud Reader, thus establishing an important and productive dialogue between two different psychoanalytic traditions. Perelberg excellent introduction is a tour de force that organises Freud's thinking in an original way, around central themes and conceptual frameworks. The book is an enlightening guide that will help students and professionals alike to re-discover the Freudian texts. A very useful and welcome companion to Freud's work".
By Gregorio Kohon,
Training and Supervising Analyst of the British Psychoanalytical Society.