About Our Clinics

London Clinic of Psychoanalysis

Since 1926, the Institute of Psychoanalysis has made it possible for many adults, children and young people to have psychoanalysis, who would not otherwise have been able to afford it. Today still we offer psychoanalytic consultations to anyone interested in exploring the possibility of analytic treatment through the Clinic.

The Clinic is based in Maida Vale ( W9 2BE) , where we have a number of consulting rooms. Consultations and analytic sessions also take place in the consulting rooms of Clinic staff in other parts of London and in our South London rooms at 10 Windsor Walk, Camberwell (SE5 8BB).

Dr Paola Rossin, Head of Adult Service

Dr Bernard Roberts, Head of Child Service

Mrs Cathi Hughes, LONDON Clinic Manager


Clinical Service North

Our Clinical Service North is based in Leeds, serving a wide geographical area, and welcomes applications for low-fee psychoanalysis. Click here to find out more about applying for low-fee analysis in northern England.

Elizabeth Gibb, Head of Clinical Service North


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