Living through Lockdown - and Beyond

The pandemic has affected all our lives: Being locked down at home; stuck together as a family or a couple; fearful that ordinary human contact might be dangerous; deprived of contacts we cherish; afraid for loved ones or faced with their untimely death; going to work when it's unsafe and scary, or having lost work and income; being lonely; and - feeling unprotected by the authorities we depend on.
None of us has been exempt from the impact of this pandemic.
And now, when things begin to ease, we wonder: How can we feel safe again? Can we get back to a life that feels normal? This might be an opportunity to pause and think, how the pandemic has impacted on our lives and may affect our future.
In a series of live streamed events, psychoanalysts joined in dialogues to think about these issues, with each other and with the audience. The recordings of these events are available to watch for free. 

Watch recorded versions of past Living through lockdown - and beyond events:

Parents and children - facing COVID-19 together
With child and adolescent psychoanalysts Antje Netzer-Stein, Bernard Roberts and Margaret Rustin
Thursday 11 June

Adolescents - surviving in times of COVID-19
With child & adolescent psychoanalysts Valli Kohon, Antje Netzer-Stein and Bernard Roberts
Thursday 18 June 

Couples - Sweet or Sour in the time of COVID-19
With couple therapists and psychoanalysts Avi Shmueli, Valli Kohon and Trudy McGuinness
Thursday 25 June 

Remote working - living with the screen in times of COVID-19 
With psychoanalysts Tomasz Fortuna, Muzaffar Husain and Alla Rubitel
Thursday 2 July 

Schooling - challenges facing pupils, parents and teachers during COVID-19
With child & adolescent psychoanalysts Susan Cockett, Jennifer Davids and Bernard Roberts
Thursday 9 July

The elderly - strength and vulnerability in the face of COVID-19
With psychoanalysts Don Campbell, Margot Waddell and Jan Abram
Thursday 16 July