Child and Adolescent Services

​​Consultations are offered to children and young people up to the age of eighteen, with parents or carers being included as part of the consultation process when appropriate.

Recommendations following consultation may include psychoanalysis up to four or five times per week, or referral for psychoanalytical psychotherapy.

The London Clinic of Psychoanalysis is sometimes able to offer a low-fee psychoanalysis. Consultation may be suitable for those who have not had psychoanalytic treatment before, as well as those who have already had some psychotherapy.  

Further information about how the Child and Adolescent Service works can be found here.

Full fees for consultations are £120 for a first meeting and £80 if a further meeting takes place, with lower fees of £30 for a first meeting and £20 for a further meeting if the family is on a very low income.