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With You in Mind is a series of podcasts that aims to help healthcare professionals navigate their way through these difficult times. It is available on all major podcast streaming platforms. 

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Episode 1: Trying to Humanise an Alien Environment, with Marcus Evans

19 May 2020

In this first episode of With You in Mind, Marcus Evans explores the impact of COVID on the mental health of healthcare workers in intensive care units and considers how they can best manage their mental health.

Marcus Evans is a psychiatric nurse and a member of the Institute of Psychoanalysis.


Episode 2: Physical & Psychological Threats - A Confusing Reality, with Marcus Evans

8 June 2020

This week, Marcus Evans looks at the impact of COVID in mental health settings.


Episode 3: Understanding borderline states of mind

29 July 2020

This week, Marcus Evans looks at understanding borderline states of mind.


Episode 4: On Trauma

February 2021

In this short episode, Jo Stubley examines how NHS staff can cope with Trauma.