Cost and Time

"My analysis was the most important experience of my life. It turned my life around."

- Andrew Robinson, Doctor

The cost of a psychoanalytic treatment varies, depending on a number of factors.

Different analysts will charge different fees, which they will also adjust to an extent, depending on your income and what you can afford. How much you pay will also depend on how many times per week you see your analyst, on your particular circumstances, and on your analyst’s availability.

As a rough figure, you can expect to pay somewhere between £8,000 and £14,000 per year for a full five-times-a-week analysis. This is based on sessions over ten months of the year, as most analysts break for a combined total of two months each year. Your analyst will talk to you about these breaks in advance.

If you see your analyst less frequently, you may be charged something in the range of £50 - £120 per individual session. 

For those on a low income, the Institute of Psychoanalysis offers a small number of places in low-fee psychoanalysis in London and its surrounding areas, as well as in the North of England. Click here to find out more.

Time is an important factor in psychoanalytic treatment. As it encourages change through engaging with the unconscious mind, analysis does not offer any quick fixes. What it can offer is a depth of change and recovery that other, short-term treatments often cannot. Typically, people will see an analyst for several years, though the exact length of an analysis will of course depend on the individual’s specific problems and situation.