Sara Flanders

Sara Flanders - a supervising and training analyst at the British Psychoanalaytical Society, and have worked many years at Brent Adolescent Centre, published articles, edited a book on Dreams, and with colleagues, a book on Reading French Psychoanalysis.

Recommended Reading:

Laufer, Moses, (1976) The Central masturbation fantasy, the Final sexual organization, and Adolescence Yale Uni Press, Psychoanalytic Study of the Child, vol. 31 p. 297-316

Phillippe Gutton (1998), The pubertal, its sources and fate, In Adolescence and Psychoanalysis,ed Maja Perret-Catipovic and Francois Ladame, London, Karnac 

Brief Outline of Lecture: 

I will look at two cases, one, in which the demands of adolescence proved too difficult for the adolescent to manage without therapy, and very nearly too difficult with it, the early history so chaotic and so painfully disrupted. In the other, in which the refusal of adolescence mirrored the refusal of treatment itself, a relatively ordinary seeming childhood nonetheless spawned a rigidity which broke down when confronted with the reality of a developed sexual body. No reality linked to growing up could be accommodated, an unfulfilled transgender phantasy providing a sustaining illusion.

Sara Flanders