Statement on Middle East - 16th April 2024

We are a multinational, multifaith Society interested in psychological development and in the effects of emotional disturbance on all aspects of personal development: emotional, cognitive, and physical.  Exposure to the violence and devastation of war, death, physical injury, trauma, loss, constant fear and starvation have lasting effects on all who survive and on subsequent generations, not only on the victims but also on the perpetrators; at the extreme the effects are irreversible.

We extend our compassion to all the peoples of the Middle East who have suffered and who continue to suffer from acts of horrifying violence, in particular to the victims and all those affected by the 7th October attacks in Israel, and to the Palestinian population and all who are affected by the humanitarian catastrophe that we are witnessing in Gaza.

We extend our support to the many who are attempting to alleviate the suffering, to those who are working for a cease fire and to those striving to find a peaceful solution.

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For further information about the activities of the IPA Psychoanalytic Assistance in Crises and Emergency Committee contact Pip Garvey.