Revised Standard Edition

We are very pleased to announce that 2024 will see the publication of the Revised Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud, edited by Mark Solms, and published jointly by the Institute of Psychoanalysis and publishers Rowman and Littlefield. The completion of this work is a huge achievement for the Society; it is the product of an enormous investment of time and energy, involving decades of work on the part of Mark Solms, as well as input from many dedicated members of IOPA over the years. The Revised Standard Edition (RSE) will be launched at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute on June 11th 2024 at which Catalina Bronstein will represent the BPAS, followed by a UK launch at the Freud Museum in London on Thursday 19th September 2024. The London launch will be followed by a launch conference, Sigmund Freud Today, on Saturday 21st September at UCL, organised jointly between IOPA and UCL. For information on the launch conference click here.   

The RSE retains the original translation from the German by James Strachey, revising errors and mistranslations while including Strachey’s translations for comparison. In this print edition, subtle underlining distinguishes Mark Solms’s revisions and additions. A new layer of editorial comments and annotations provides updated scholarship relating to Freud’s works, and there are 56 new letters, lectures, forewords and other material, some of which had not previously been translated into English. The RSE retains all that was best about Strachey’s standard edition, while updating this classic work for the 21st century.

This summer will see the publication of the 24 volume hardback sets of the RSE. These are being currently being made available at a 15% pre-publication discount if ordered before the end of March (for BPAS members, see the members’ area of this website for further discount information). A complete set of ebooks will also be available and the RSE will be available on PEP-web in due course.

For more information on the Revised Standard Edition please click here

Two of our Distinguished Fellows have written:

‘The titanic effort by Mark Solms to publish the Revised Standard Edition of Freud’s writings is one of the most important scholarly works in the last 30 years, and not only in the field of psychoanalysis. The new papers by Freud that Solms has added (both translated and edited by him) make it possible to understand much better than before the continuity between Freud’s work as a neuroscientist and as the discoverer of psychoanalysis. Solms’s attempt to correct (as far as possible) the mistakes and misinterpretations in Strachey’s translations, together with the flexibility provided by his new glossary of technical terms, makes the RSE the new tool for understanding Freud in the 21st century.’
Riccardo Steiner, Distinguished Fellow of the British Psychoanalytical Society.

‘Over the past 30 years Professor Mark Solms has undertaken the mammoth task of revising Freud’s oeuvre with impressive scholarship. This much-awaited Revised Standard Edition of Freud’s complete works will be an indispensable tool for psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, neurologists, and philosophers, as well as those working in the humanities, and anyone who wishes to immerse themselves in the writings of this revolutionary thinker and founder of psychoanalysis’. 
Rosine Jozef Perelberg, Distinguished Fellow and Past President of the British Psychoanalytical Society