Fakhry Davids: International Activity


Skype analysis (3xwk) – Cairo, Egypt.

Skype supervision (1xwk) – Istanbul, Turkey.

Conference Papers:

Stockholm, Sweden. March 2015.  Paper to EPF Conference.
Christchurch, New Zealand. April 2015.  2 Keynote papers, 1 dialogue -Annual Conference of NZ Association of Psychotherapists.
Christchurch, New Zealand. April 2015.  All day Clinical Workshop.
Dusseldorf, Germany. Dusseldorf Institute of Psychoanalysis – Paper; all-day clinical workshop.
Boston, USA. July 2015. Paper to IPA Congress Panel; Chaired a 2nd Panel; co-facilitated a day-long experiential event.
Rome, Italy. October 2015. Paper to conference on “Geographies of Psychoanalysis”, IPA and Italian Society.
Berlin, Germany. October 2015. Paper to Institute of Psychoanalysis, Berlin; All day clinical workshop.


Skype analysis (3xwk) – Cairo, Egypt.

Feb 2014.  Paper to Munich Psychoanalytic Forum; Clinical workshop morning.
April 2014. Staff Member, Group Relations Conference, Kliczkow, Poland.
June 2014. Keynote Paper, DPG Annual Conference.  Dusseldorf, Germany.
June 2014. Paper, University of Hannover.
October 2014.  Paper and Workshop, Palestinian and Israeli Psychologists Group, Nazareth, Israel.
October 2014.  Paper to conference of APCS, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA
October 2014.  Paper to Joint Panel, Massachusetts Institute Psychoanalysis & Simmons College, USA.


April – EPF Working Group, EPF Conference, Berlin, Germany.

April – Staff Member, Group Relations Conference, Kliczkow, Germany.


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