Dr Jo O'Reilly

Dr Jo O'Reilly is a psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst working in an inner city Mental Health Trust  as a consultant medical psychotherapist. Drawing on her clinical experience working across a range of psychiatric settings she has developed a keen interest in the application of psychoanalytic ideas within psychiatry and the difference this can make in enriching clinical understanding and patient care. 

Suggested Reading:

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Further Reading:

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Brief Outline of Lecture: 

Inherent to Psychoanalysis is the quest for meaning and understanding of psychological distress. This talk describes a psychoanalytic approach to understanding psychosis. I discuss how psychotic anxieties are intrinsic to normal psychological development using observation of the emotional turmoil of infancy. The intensity of these experiences can persist  into adulthood and re-emerge in psychiatric breakdown as psychotic symptoms. I illustrate this with clinical vignettes from psychiatric services. The impact of such psychotic processes on staff is also considered.