Past Film Events

Framed Lives: Screenings and Discussions

Framed Lives is a long-term programme of film screenings and discussions run by the Institute of Psychoanalysis. Each series features four biographical films/documentaries about iconic individuals within a specific field. Screenings are followed by brief presentations by psychoanalysts, film scholars and other experts, leaving plenty of time for discussion from the floor.


Framed Lives: Scientists; Spring 2017

12th February 10am
'The Imitation Game' (2014 Morten Tyldum)
 followed by discussion.
Guest speaker: Prof Peter Evans

19th March 10am
'Awakenings' (1990 Penny Marshall) followed by discussion.
Guest speaker: Dr Nick Temple

2nd April 10am
'The Theory of Everything' (2014 James Marsh) followed by discussion.
Guest speaker: Prof Peter Evans



Framed Lives: Monarchs; Autumn 2016

25th September 10am
'Queen Christina' (1933 Rouben Mamoulian)
followed by discussion.
Guest speaker: Prof Peter Evans

16th October 10am
'Ivan the Terrible, Part I' (1945 Sergei Eisenstein)
followed by discussion.
Guest speaker: Ian Christie

20th November 10am
'The Madness of King George'' (1994 Nicholas Hynter)
followed by discussion.
Guest speaker: Nicholas Hynter

27th November 10am
'The King's Speech' (2010 Tom Hooper)
followed by discussion.
Guest speaker: Mandy Merck



Framed Lives: Painters; Summer 2016

17th April 10am
'Rembrandt' (1936, Alexander Korda)
followed by discussion.
Guest speaker: Charles Drazin

8th May 10am
'Lust for Life' (1956 Vincente Minnelli)
followed by discussion.
Guest speaker: Sue Harris

12th June 10am
'Goya in Bordeaux' (1999 Carlos Saura)
followed by discussion.
Guest Speaker: Prof Peter Evans

10th July 10am
'Frida' (2002 Julie Taymor)
followed by discussion.
Guest Speakers: Dawn Adès and Christopher Cordess

The Stuff of Dreams

The new season of the Stuff of Dreams will be announced in due course. Read on to learn more about the Stuff of Dreams 2015 Programme, chaired by Andrea Sabbadini: 

Freud remarked more than once that in understanding of the depths of human experience and the existence of the unconscious mind, he was preceded by the “poets and philosophers”. And for him, one of the greatest of the poets and philosophers was Shakespeare.

To mark the year of the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, over the course of the year we presented twelve remarkable films of (or based on) as many Shakespeare works – covering the tragedies, comedies and histories.
After each film, the works and their transposition to the screen were explored by psychoanalysts familiar with Shakespeare’s work, together with prominent actors, directors, and critics. As always, the audience was invited to take part in discussions – which you'll be able to listen to as we post our audio recordings from the events.