Therapeutic Relationships in Mental Health - Summer series

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A psychodynamic dimension to psychiatry

5 Mondays 7:30pm to 8:45pm, 
10, 17 24 May and 14, 21 June

Delivered via Zoom
 Speaker: Marcus Evans, psychoanalyst and mental health nurse
in dialogue with mental health nurses. 

This five part course is aimed at nurses and allied healthcare professionals working within a mental health setting. It follows on from the course offered by the Institute of Psychoanalysis in autumn 2020 but does not require attendance of the first course.

The course offers an in-depth way of understanding the work with psychiatric patients with the aim of making interactions with patients and in staff teams more therapeutic.

In live webinars, a synthesis of theoretical teaching and discussion of clinical examples is offered, in a dialogue with nurses and contributions from the audience. Different aspects of mental health work, the relationships with patients as well as institutional and staff dynamics, will be addressed from a psychodynamic perspective. This should facilitate reflection on the work in psychiatry and improve clinical care.

Speaker: Marcus Evans, Psychoanalyst, Mental Health Nurse
Nurses in dialogue: Siobhan Bryant, Senior Nurse Practitioner and Joan Osimuwa, Ex-Ward Manager and Practice Experience Manager
Chair: Wilhelm Skogstad, Psychoanalyst, Psychiatrist

Seminar outline:

10th May | Session One - Working With Young People -  struggling with the turmoil of adolescence. Discuss the psychological changes that take place in adolescence. The challenges of the therapeutic relationship when caring for adolescence that act out. The session will also think about the dynamics that take place between CAHMS, child family, and parents.

17th May | Session Two - Eating Disorders - the silent assassin. Psychological understanding of Eating disorders. Difficulty in the therapeutic relationship and team dynamics. The problems of chronicity and the effect of staff teams in the countertransference.

24th May | Session Three - Deliberate Self-Harm - working on a knife edge. This session will look at the difficulties managing patients who habitually self. Harm. Examining some of the dynamics that take place between mental health professionals and self-harming patients.

14th June | Session Four - Anti-Social Personality Disorder – actions speak louder than words. Difficulties in the therapeutic relationship. The assessment of risk and its relationship to acting out in the management of anti-social personality disorder. The challenges of managing anti-social personality disordered patients in mental health settings.

21st June | Session Five - Working In A Mental Health Institution - health or madness in the system? This session will look at the social systems that support clinical staff in their work with patients. These social systems should help staff manage the anxieties associated with clinical work. However, the social system can also become anti-task interfering with staff's capacity to look after their patients. The session will look at the sort of structures that staff needs to support them in their work.

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May 10th, 2021 7:30 PM through June 21st, 2021 8:45 PM
Remote Event, delivered via Zoom
United Kingdom
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