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The Call of the Unconscious: Trans and sexual harassment - returning to the question

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The Call of the Unconscious: Trans and sexual harassment - returning to the question

Join Jacqueline Rose for this one-off seminar as part of The Political Mind series. Chair: David Morgan

Jacqueline Rose is one of the most influential and provocative scholars working in the humanities today. She has written extensively on a range of topics including feminism, motherhood, politics, and psychoanalysis.

In this seminar, Rose will explore the political implications of transgender subjectivities and the harassment of women from a psychoanalytic perspective. She will argue that the dialogue with psychoanalysis on transgender identities and the harassment of women – two of the most vexed, complex issues of our time – is as challenging as it continues to be urgent. She asks "What happens when we try to insert the concept of the unconscious into the reality of our political lives, or rather, when we recognise the place of the unconscious in the public identities we foster, inhabit, and fight?" Both transgender issues and the harassment of women confront us with the question of social justice. Is it always the role of psychoanalysis to issue a caution in relation to our dreams of a better world, or might it belong right at the heart of our struggle to attain it?

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May 7th, 2019 8:15 PM   to   9:45 PM
Institute of Psychoanalysis
Byron House, 112A Shirland Road
London W9 2BT
United Kingdom

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Phone: 020 7563 5017
Phone: 020 7563 5016
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Zoom - Remote link £ 10.00