Understanding Dreams and Dreaming with Orna Hadary

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Psychoanalytic seminars: Summer 2022

Psychoanalytic seminars: Summer 2022

Understanding Dreams and Dreaming
A 4 seminar series with Orna Hadary

28th April, 5th May, 12th May, 19th May
8.00pm - 9:30pm (BST)

Online via Zoom.

Orna Hadary is a training and supervising psychoanalyst of the British Psychoanalytical Society, in full-time private practice. She teaches at the Institute of Psychoanalysis and had taught for many years at the Tavistock Clinic and at other psychotherapy organisations in London and abroad. 

'In this series of 4 seminars, I would like to concentrate on developments in our understanding of dreams and dreaming in contemporary psychoanalysis. I hope to bring to life the sense of riddle and surprise that telling a dream evokes, and the ways we explore the dream in the psychoanalytic session. I hope to convey the special place dreams still have in the psychoanalytic encounter. We will discuss the content of dreams as well as their functions, form and quality. We will furthermore consider the differences between dreams and daydreams'

Participants will be encouraged to bring clinical examples of working with dreams for the discussion. We will aim to make links between the theoretical ideas and clinical work.


First Seminar | 28th April 2022: Freud’s discoveries about dreams 

In the first seminar we will concentrate on Freud and his ground breaking discoveries about dreams, as our basis. In this seminar we will use ‘Irma’s Injection’ dream as our clinical example. 

Second Seminar | 5th May 2022: The functions of dreams  

In the second seminar we will focus on the different functions of dreams: on the one hand dreams can preserve and facilitate psychic development and thinking; on the other hand, dreams may function as a defence, for example for splitting off and evacuating disturbing feelings and unbearable mental content.  We will discuss the capacity to symbolise as an essential factor in assessing the functions of dreams. 

Third Seminar | 12th May 2022: The psychoanalytic process and dreaming  

In the third seminar we will discuss how dreams and dreaming can be seen as a communication about the analytic relationships. Dreams can also mark development within the analysis.

Fourth Seminar | 19th May 2022: Daydreams  

In the fourth seminar we will discuss daydreams, their functions and the differences between daydreaming and dreaming. 


Reading material will be provided for each of these sessions 

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April 28th, 2022 8:00 PM through May 19th, 2022 9:30 PM
Remote Event, delivered via Zoom
United Kingdom
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