Dialogues on the time of Covid-19 - Spring 2021

A three part series looking at three key areas that have been impacted by Covid-19


The pandemic has had an immense impact on our lives, both as individuals and as a society. It has deeply affected the fabric of our society, influencing politics and economy, arts and culture, education, and health and social care. It has changed our ways of relating, to family and friends and our ways of working, and it has deeply affected our emotional well-being. With dialogues about some of these issues, the Institute of Psychoanalysis is continuing its series of webinars that offer a psychoanalytic angle to these new challenges.

These dialogues will be held live on Zoom and will also be made available the following day for  24 hours to all registered participants. This is to allow for international attendees to enjoy the event at a more appropriate time in their time zone. After this, the recording will no longer be available. 

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 9th Feb | Music in times of a pandemic 8:15pm 

The experience of music has been deeply affected by the pandemic. Musicians, whose life and soul go into performing music, have been forced to stay at home or play in empty hall. Music lovers have been deprived of their cultural nourishment, choir singers of an important part of their lives. Yet, there have also been creative new ways of performing and enjoying music, which may have influence beyond the pandemic. This throws up fundamental questions of listening, so central to music as well as psychoanalysis. 

The conductor Mark Wigglesworth, author of “The Silent Musician: Why Conducting Matters”, will be in dialogue with the psychoanalyst Roger Kennedy, author of “The Power of Music: Psychoanalytic Explorations” and other books. The event will be chaired by the psychoanalyst and musician Anthea Gomez.

23rd Feb | Covid-19 and our mental health 8:15pm 

The pandemic has had a profound impact on our mental health and emotional well-being. The relationships and social networks that we all depend on have been severely curtailed and changed. These changes have led to loneliness, depression and despair, to increased tensions in relationships, even violence, and a surge in suicide attempts. Health professionals have themselves been deeply affected by the pressures and anxieties they face but may be reluctant to seek help, thus worsening their mental health. 

Dame Clare Gerada, GP in South London, Medical Director of the NHS Practitioner Health Programme and author of “Beneath the White Coat: Doctors, Their Minds and Mental Health”, will be in dialogue with the psychoanalyst Anne Patterson, consultant psychiatrist in psychotherapy. The event will be chaired by the psychoanalyst Anuradha Menon, consultant in medical psychotherapy and liaison psychiatry.

23rd Mar | Schools, mental health and the pandemic 8:15pm 

Schools play a crucial role for the social, emotional and intellectual development of children and adolescents. Attending to school children’s mental health creates enormous challenges. 

Managing the different demands, from government and local authorities, parents and children, is difficult at the best of times. The pandemic has not only increased these challenges, but has created new ones, through the risk of social contact, new forms of teaching and learning, and the heightened anxieties and emotional problems children and teachers face. 

Emil Jackson, child and adult psychotherapist, executive coach with extensive experience of working with schools and head teachers, and co-editor of the book “Sustaining Depth and Meaning in School Leadership: Keeping your Head”, will be in dialogue with psychoanalyst Maxim de Sauma, Clinical Director of the Brent Centre for Young People that has developed psychological work with schools. The event will be chaired by psychoanalyst Hannah Solemani, who has been working with young people at the Brent Centre.

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February 9th, 2021 8:15 PM through March 23rd, 2021 9:45 PM
Remote Event, delivered via Zoom
United Kingdom
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Full series
Full series £ 60.00
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