Wilhelm H Skogstad: International Activity

Fellow of the British Psychoanalytic Society and Psychoanalyst in Private Practice.

Until 2015 also Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy and Clinical Lead at the Cassel Hospital, Richmond, a psychoanalytic hospital for the treatment of patients with severe personality disorder.

He is one of the founders and organisers of the British German Colloquium, a biannual conference of British and German IPA psychoanalysts, from DPV, DPG, BPAS and more recently also BPA. Since its inauguration in 2006, it has been held six times, in Berlin, Hamburg, Cambridge and Heidelberg. He contributed a paper on the concept of enactment to the 2011 British German Colloquium in Hamburg.

He has frequently given papers in Germany, on inpatient psychotherapy in Bochum (1997) and Stuttgart (2005) and on different aspects of psychoanalytic theory and technique in Würzburg (2009), Berlin (2009, 2011, 2103 and 2015) and Munich (2012). Together with Helga Skogstad, he gave a series of papers on Kleinian concepts in the treatment of severely disturbed patients at a two day workshop in Timmendorf (2003) and at two day conferences in Stuttgart (2006, 2008). 

Since 2008, he has regularly led clinical seminars, together with Helga Skogstad, for psychoanalysts in Würzburg, Berlin and Munich. He also offers regular telephone supervision for psychoanalysts and psychotherapists in Germany.

He has published, in Britain and in Germany, on issues of psychoanalytic theory and technique, on inpatient psychotherapy and on psychoanalytic observation of organisations.

His paper in the IJPA “Impervious and intrusive – the impenetrable object in transference and countertransference” (2013) has also been published in translation in the IJPA’s psychoanalytic annuals in Germany (2014), France (2014) and Portugal (2015). His book “Observing Organisations: Anxiety, Defence and Culture in Health Care” (2000), co-edited with Bob Hinshelwood, has also been published in Italian (2005) and German (2006).

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