Regional Training

Peter Harrison - The Walled GardenThe Institute of Psychoanalysis offers training throughout the United Kingdom.

There is continuing growth in the development of psychoanalysis outside London. At the present time there are training analysts able to offer training analysis in Belfast, Exeter, Leeds and Oxford.

The training programme has its main base in London and is fully accessible to applicants who undertake a training analysis in the regions. The training analysis will normally take place five times a week. In exceptional circumstances analysis four times a week, may be agreed following full discussion with the Chair of Student Progress Committee.

Students are required to attend a proportion of the seminars and supervisions in London, whilst all other teaching events can be joined by skype or telephone link. Where possible, there is some flexibility in the timing of evening seminars to take into consideration the travel needs of students. For similar reasons seminars are occasionally arranged on Saturdays.

This is a well-established system, which has proved highly successful and is continuing to develop. In addition, there is a residential weekend held every two years in Oxford and some seminar weekends in London, providing the opportunity for intensive, face-to-face participation in seminars and the chance to integrate with other students and the course teachers. The high level of personal support takes into consideration the particular circumstances of each student in order that they can make the most of their training.

On qualification, members of the Society join a lively and enterprising group from all over the UK, with annual conferences, phone or local supervision groups and possibilities for further professional development.

People from outside London who are interested in considering the training are encouraged to have an informal discussion by telephone with Mrs Anthea Gomez, Co-Ordinator of Regional Education before applying (01904 641043).

A second base of the Institute training started in Leeds with its first cohort in 2014 and information can be found regarding this way of training on the Northern Training link. This is a separate arm of the training from the Regional training. There may however be a possibility of Regional trainees joining some of the seminars in Leeds at later stages of their training if this is closer than London.

People with general enquiries about the training can contact the Education Officer, Ms Amanda Menezes, on 020 7563 5015. 


Hear from one of our regional candidates in this video: