Neville Symington

2015: supervised and lectured in Israel during the months of May and June in Tel-Aviv and Haifa.
2014: supervised and lectured in Aarhus in Denmark, in Tel-Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem in Israel, in Oporto in Portugal.
2013: supervised and lectured in Gdansk in Poland, in Aarhus in Denmark, in Tel-Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem in Israel.
2012: lectured in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte in Brazil, in Seattle (USA) I supervised and lectured.  Then I lectured and supervised at Aarhus in Denmark, in Tel-Aviv in Israel and Oporto in Portugal.
Supervising and lecturing in Aarhus in Denmark.
Lecturing in Warsaw in Poland
Lecturing and supervising in Israel.
Symington lives in Australia and supervises regularly there. He also supervises on Skype in USA, Denmark, Portugal, Israel.