Giuseppina Antinucci

Ms Antinucci took part in the following international activities in 2015:

1) February- July clinical seminars for the Adelaide Institute of PA
2) Spring-Summer term theoretical seminars "The body and sexuality "for AIP
3) Ongoing supervision of one candidate and one play- therapist
4) Psychoanalysis and politics symposium Barcelona, 20th March - Paper on polylingual subjectivity
5) 8th June, 12th July Mantova general hospital (Italy) Lectures and supervision of psychiatrists and psychotherapists. "Anna Freud's developmental lines"
6) 12th december Scuola di via Ariosto, Milan (Italy) lecture on parenthood "Funzioni genitorialità e sue declinazioni possibili"


Anticipated  2016 commitments

1)my teaching and supervision for the AIP will continue all throughout the year.
2) 8th May Vienna Psychoanalysis and politics symposium paper "The centrality of the fraternal complex to the social bond".
3) 3rd June Mantova general hospital Lecture "La relazione fraterna alla luce del complesso fraterno"
4) 3rd June  Mantova -supervision
5) 4th June Mantova Toddler group workers Lecture "Il bambino fantasmatico e il bambino reale. L'importanza di una cencettualizzazione evolutiva"