Frances Thomson-Salo

Based in Australia, has in the last 3 years presented  in China, UK, and USA and chaired meetings in Sweden and Italy. 

2016 Events Planned:

11 January:  Meeting with staff  at American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology, Abu Dhabi

13-17 January: A PsaA conference, New York, USA -   attending as Committee member of APsaA committee on Status of women and girls,

1-3 April: Speaker at Annual conference: Infant and Young Child Observation Training Program, Washington School of Psychiatry, Washington, DC

29 May – 2 June: Symposia participant, World Association for Infant Mental Health, Prague

3 June Presenter on transgender issues at XII Dialogue, "Psychoanalysis challenges facing new sexual and family configurations", Sao Paolo, Brazil

19-23 June, 8th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health, Singapore. Poster workshop on research on Transitions from NICU

2-3 Sep Presenter/Discussant, ‘The abused child’ COWAP conference, Nervi

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