Denis Flynn

Over the past 12 years Denis Flynn has given a number of papers on psychoanalytic themes, mainly in conferences in Europe .

First with ill or abused child, with papers given at a British Italian Tavistock conference (Rome 1984 and London, 1986), in Norway (Oslo, 1988) and a number in the UK. 

Then over the next decade he has presented clinical papers on adolescents in individual analysis or on the treatment of borderline adolescents in inpatient settings, with two in Italy at universities in Rome and Pisa, two in Poland in Warsaw (2012)  and Krakow (2014), organised by the Polish Psychoanalytical Society, and a clinical paper on adolescence at the EPF conference in Barcelona. 

These invitations arose in part after links were established arising from his position as Consultant Head of the Inpatient Adolescent Unit at the Cassel Hospital and after he had given papers in three international conferences at UCL and other EPF forums. 

He has also given a number of papers and lectures on child, adolescent and adult psychoanalysis at the Institute of Psychoanalysis, London, given two  conference presentations in Oxford, one clinical and one on Homer and psychoanalysis, and a further clinical paper related to the work of Bion at the St Johns College, Oxford University College Research Forum (2013). 

He has given clinical supervision to trainees and qualified analysts in German, Ireland and Australia, and undertaken regular psychoanalytic theory teaching in Ireland, and more recently by video link to Adelaide, Australia; currently he continues fortnightly clinical supervision by video link of a Australian Training Analyst by agreement with the Australian Psychoanalytical Society.

Recently (2014) he has organised with the London Philosophy Psychoanalysis study group, at the Senate House London University, a Philosophy and Psychoanalysis in Dialogue two day international conference, with invited speakers from the USA and Europe.

His international activities continue with five British German Colloquia, two in Cambridge, two in Berlin and one in Hamburg; he is also part of an international study group on Bion with psychoanalysts from France and other European Societies, the USA, Brazil and elsewhere, with meetings in Marrakesh (2013) and Marseilles (2015).

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