David Simpson: International Activity

List of teaching, supervision and lectures in countries outside UK since Nov 2012

1) Germany - British German colloquiums (BPAS, BPA and German societies) - Clinical paper at international conference in Cambridge( 2013). Chair of session at conference in Heidelberg (2015)

2) Ukraine - four-day clinical theoretical seminar programme with lectures sponsored by Melanie Klein trust in Dniepropetrovsk- Oct 2013&May 2015

3) Ukraine- training supervision of psychoanalytic candidate with Eastern European Institute (In Kiev by Skype) weekly since Nov 2014

4) USA Boston - paper presented at international Francis Tustin Memorial conference- July 2014

5) Montenegro Budva - Psychoanalytic Institute of Eastern Europe - teacher at four-day summer school, presented paper, clinical seminars and supervision-Sep 2014

6) Sweden Stockholm - presented paper at European Psychoanalytic Federation conference - Mar 2015

7) USA Boston - presented paper in panel at IPA Congress - July 2015

8) Italy-Iseo - Eastern European Psychoanalytic Institute four day residential school-teacher taking clinical seminars and supervisions and assessment of psychoanalytic candidates-Nov 2015


Planned teaching and training events outside UK in 2016

1) Ukraine - four-day clinical theoretical seminar programme Dneipropetrovsk May 2016

2) Ukraine - continued training supervision of candidate by Skype in Kiev

3) Austria - Eastern European Psychoanalytic Institute in Sep 2016 

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