Bob Hinshelwood

Supervisions (skype)

2013-2014 Vilnius, Lithuania – 1 weekly IPA Member

2013-2015 Krakow, Poland – 1 weekly Psychoanalytic Psychotherspist

2013 -2015 Kharkiv, Ukraine – 1 weekly – candidate (continued after qualification with PIEE in 2014)

2013 Dneperprovosk, Ukraine – 1 weekly = candidate (suspended because of the war)

2013-2014 Kiev, Ukraine – 1 fortnighly, IPA Member

2013-2014 Adelaide, Australia – 1 occasional (3-4 months) IPA Member

2013-2015 Helsinki, Finland – 1 weekly, non-IPA Analyst

2014 Lisbon, Portugal – 1 fortnightly, IPA Member

2014-2015 St Petersburg, Russia – 1 weekly, candidates

2015 Shanghai, China – 1 fortnightly, psychotherapist (applying for training with the Sino-German training)

Monthly clinical seminar (skype)

2014-2015 Moscow (10 seminar members)

2014-2015 St Petersburg (3 seminar members, IPA candidates)

10 week teaching seminar (skype) on Melanie Klein

2013 Seoul, South Korea, 8 IPA candidates

2013 Adelaide, Australia, 6 seminar members (4 IPA Candidates)

International Lecturing etc.


April: Porto, Portugal – IPA Institute – Clinical Research

April: Lisbon, Portugal – IPA Institute – Dynamics of Psychoanalytic Institutions


June: Buenos Aires, Argentina – APA – Controversy over Countertransference Psychotherapists – Clinical Research


July: Prague, Czech IPA Congress – Panel on Bion

September: Zaccopane, Poland Krakow Psychotherapist Summer School – Clinical Workshop

September: Athens, Greece – Hellenic Ass of Group Psychotherapy – Difficult Pts in Groups

September: Budva, Montenegro – Summer School of PIEE – Historical Perspective on Containing

October: Wuhan, China – 5 day workshop on Melanie Klein (40 attendees)


March: Nicosia, Cyprus – Weekend conference of local psychotherapists

(I) Psychoanalysis as Science
(II) Making Interpretations

March: Gdansk, Poland – Inaugural meeting of Hanna Segal Institute – Discussant of Dave Bell's paper ('Silence is the real crime')

June: Belgrade, Serbia – Group Analytic Conference – Group-Analysis and TCs

September: Various lectures in Milan, Como, Naples, Turin, Rome

October: Sophia, Bulgaria – IPA Institute

(i) Enactment as Intimacy
(ii) Countertransference for better or worse
(iii) Dynamics of Pa Institutions


February:Athens, Greece Hellenic Groups – Observing Organisations Clinical seminars

March: Yekaterinburg, Russia – 5 day workshop on Melanie Klein (70 participants)

April, Kiev: Ukraine 12 IPA Members and candidates – Bion and Intuition

June: Tubingen, Germany – IPA Institute (c40 Members) - Countertransference for better or worse

July:  Boston, IPACongress – Panel on Pa and mental health services

October: Tokyo, Japan – Japan Pa Ass (non-IPA) – Countertransference as Instrument of Research

Psychotherapy Ass.

(i) Memory and Desire
(ii) Containing

November: Warsaw, Poland – Joint Workshop with Jan Abram on Klein and Winnicott

Booked for 2016

February:  New York, US – Richardson Seminar, Cornell – Pre-Psychoanalytic Bion

March: Berlin, Germany – EPF – Panel on Autonomy and the Primitive Mechanisms

May: Athens, Greece – Hellenic Groups – Hope: Messiah and Dogma in Institutions

October: Sao Paulo, Brazil – Sao Paulo IPA Soc – Legacy of Klein – IPA Research Cttee – Research Methods and Clinical Research