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The Experience of Training - Videos

Training at the Institute

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a psychoanalyst? To sit behind a couch and analyse someone’s dreams and phantasies, to help her explore her unconscious life? To follow in Freud’s footsteps but in 21st century style? We accompany an aspiring student as he talks to analysts from the Institute of Psychoanalysis about what the training involves, and what life as a modern analyst is actually like.

Directed by Anne Ward and Dan Susman, assisted by Christine Miqueu-Baz, Anne Patterson, Katya Golynkina


Test book

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Current International Events

​Many of our analysts attend events and share their expertise around the world. We've created a map to show you a variety of upcoming international psychoanalytic events and activity,  please click on a dot to bring up information about them.

The British Psychoanalytic Society and the Institute of Psychoanalysis have a long and rich history. Over the past century they have trained and counted among their members many of the most original and influential figures in psychoanalysis. Established by Ernest Jones in 1913, the Society has nurtured and benefited from the work of profoundly innovative and inspiring psychoanalysts, including Melanie Klein, Anna Freud, Wilfred Bion, Ronald Fairbairn and Donald Winnicott, among many others.

Authors and Theorists

This is a selection of authors and theorists from our society who have contributed to the development of psychoanalysis over the last hundred years.

We start with Sigmund Freud, who was not strictly a member of the Society but who lived in London, had close links with us and founded our discipline. Our list is ordered chronologically by date of birth.

Further authors will be added in due course, including Susan Isaacs, Joan Symington, Mervin Glasser, Don Campbell, Margaret and Michael Rustin.


Watch our short film showing how a young man decides to go and meet an analyst.