The Political Mind presents ‘Under the Knife’

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A film and discussion about our most precious institution

The Political Mind presents ‘Under the Knife’
A film and discussion about our most precious institution

9 July 2019 | from 7.30pm
At the Institute of Psychoanalysis


Anyone whose lives or loved ones lives has been touched or indeed saved by those who work in the NHS, will always have a debt of gratitude in their hearts, for the care that they received. The knightly motives of the NHS worker is at ever increasing odds with the current hedonic treadmill and relentless market forces that now beset us. Life becomes cheap, commodified and one dimensional, the NHS is the profoundest reminder that every human being should matter regardless of economic status. 

'Under The Knife is a 90-minute feature length documentary about the covert dismantling of the NHS that is going on right now. It shows how democracy has been subverted by politicians, and capitalism run amok.

It tells a story of greed, deception and how a law was passed, without public debate, that would transform the NHS into an eventual American type of health service and open the oyster of the most respected institution in the country to the highest bidder...See more

NHS Under The Knife Trailer:

Susan Steinberg: Director  
Pamela Kleinot: Producer

Dr Kate Pugh Consultant in the NHS 
Dr Dave Bell Consultant in the NHS

Chair: David Morgan (Ex NHS after 28yrs)

July 9th, 2019 7:30 PM   to   9:45 PM
Sigmund Freud Lecture Theatre
Institute of Psychoanalysis
112a Shirland Road
Maida Vale
London W9 2BT
United Kingdom

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Phone: 0207 563 5017
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Standard Ticket £ 25.00
Concession £ 20.00