Couch and Screen

Join us for a programme of screenings and discussions directed by Andrea Sabbadini, a psychoanalyst who has published widely on the connections between the couch and screen. 

Whether you’re interested in the latest European cinema or the connections between theatre, film and psychoanalytic thinking, there's plenty for you on our programme.




Stuff of Dreams Poster

The Stuff of Dreams

In 2015 we ran our hugely successful series ‘The Stuff of Dreams: Shakespeare on the Screen’ at the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

Chaired by Andrea, the events feature a film adaptation of Shakespeare’s work, followed by a discussion between an analyst and actor, critic or scholar.

Previous screenings included Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood and Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet, and speakers such as Rory Kinnear and Max Stafford-Clark.

To find out more about our next Stuff of Dreams programme, visit our page here.



Framed Lives

From April 2016, we will begin a series of film screenings and discussions on the theme of ‘Framed Lives.’ The series will explore the lives of prominent individuals onscreen, including visual artists, monarchs, and scientists and explorers. The programme and booking information will be announced shortly.



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Our biennial European Psychoanalytic Film Festival, held at BAFTA in London, showcases the best in contemporary European cinema and attracts psychoanalysts, filmmakers, scholars and guests from around the world.

Our last festival took place in October and November 2015. The programme was packed with spectacular films including ‘Ida’ and ‘Leviathan’ followed by panel discussions with filmmakers, critics and psychoanalysts on the theme of ‘Turning Points’ in European cinema..

To learn more about epff, click here.